Crusade Priory No. 57
Knight York Cross of Honour

Meets last Saturday in September and the second Saturday in November, April and June.



Time Date Location
11:00 am Sept 25 Vernon
Nov 8 reservations for Nov 13 lunch to Earl Wilkinson
10:00 am Nov 13 394 Main Street, West Winfield

and need to be to him by November 8th.

2021-2022 OFFICERS

Prior Phillip J. Chandler
Deputy Prior Terry A. Byard
Warder Richard S. Transue
Registrar/Treasurer David H. Raymond, Past Prior
Trustee 3 years Robert N. Rogers, Past Prior
Trustee 2 years Norman Austin, Past Prior
Trustee 1 years Garry R. Hutchurson
Prelate Earl G. Wilkinson
Orator Carl J. Klossner
Herald Steven R. Shearer
Musician Francis K. Wilcox, Past Prior

Past Priors

Steven L. Wing, KYGCH , Personal Representative of the Grand Convent General
James W. Hemstrought Jr., KYGCH
2001 David Stoy, KYGCH
2005 David H. Raymond, KYGCH
Francis Wilcox
2004 Richard C. Fowler
David Robling
Alonzo C. LaBarr
2015 David L. Lathers, KYGCH
2016 Hugh R. Price
2017 Dennis S. Davis
2018 Garry R. Hutchurson, KYGCH
2019 Norman Austin
2020 Robert N. Rogers

Other Members

Fred G Hickein, KYGCH
Joseph Greenfield
Homer Burch
Jose Valencia
Cy White
Charles Hill
William Morley
Bruce L. Van Buren
Gill R. Calderon

Sister Priorys

Trinity 5, Schenectady
Empire State 46

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